Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is one of the premier trucking companies in the United States which offers a wide variety of trucking services not only in the US but in Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia. Established in 1956 by Clarence L. Werner, the company has now extended their scope and services to a wider market. From the company which had been started by a 19-year old, they are now one of the best and largest logistics and transportation company in the US. They are trusted by various manufacturing, consumer, merchandise, and grocery companies in the world which makes them stand out from other trucking companies.

Werner Enterprises, Inc. was able to offer a total of 630 trucks just after two decades from its creation. This was definitely one of the good signs that the company was headed in the right direction. Currently, the company is offering 24,000 trailers, more than 7,000 tractors, and have partnered with more than 11,000 contractors. They provide different types of trucking services to their customers such as dedicated, temperature controlled, regional and local, and expedited trucking services as well as freight management, truck brokerage, and intermodal transport.

They also have international services which cover Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia. These services include freight forwarding, customs brokerage; and ocean, air, and ground transport. This is made possible by Werner’s partnerships with other domestic and subsidiary companies on the said regions. With their mission of becoming a global logistics company that delivers customized local services as well, this can be said to be a fulfillment of that goal. It is also a part of the company’s strategy to partner with local companies to provide safe trucking services that are focused on providing great customer satisfaction.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this company is their dedicated company representatives that deal with their clients. This format allows them to address their consumer’s needs more specifically than if they were handed off from one representative to another. They offer each and every customer their own capacity managers that will help develop a strong relationship between the company and their client, personally deal with their transportation needs giving them all the available resources that the company has, and inform clients of any new developments in the company. Their emphasis on developing a high quality relationship with their clients makes them one of the best trucking companies in the US.

Werner trucking is well-known for their efficient and dedicated services which they fulfill using the latest models of trucks, on-time deliveries, and their innovations in the field of logistics. They are the first trucking company in the US to make use of paperless logging technology which allows consumers to keep track of their deliveries. Aside from that, they are also accredited by various organizations such as the IATA, ACE, FAST, and C-TPAT. This company’s efficiency is also attested to by their low rates of out of service drivers. Werner trucking is an international trucking company with a local approach when it comes to delivering their services. Visit this page for additional information about the Werner CDL School.

Werner Enterprises
14507 Frontier Road
Omaha NE 68138
Post Office Box:
P.O. Box 45308
Omaha NE 68145-0308
(800) 228-2240
(402) 895-6640

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