Ward Trucking

Ward Trucking is a family owned and operated company which was established in 1931 by William W. Ward.  The company is proud to have a warm and friendly approach towards their own employees and customers which are some of the major factors that separates them from the other competition.   Aside from that, they are also leaders in innovation as they continually seek to employ the latest gadgets and technology in their trucking services.  The company serves among 25 states in the US and in Puerto Rico.

The company had been led by family members who were able to guide it through the various ups and downs in the business.  Today, the current Chairman and CEO of the company is William Ward’s grandson who had worked in various departments in his lifetime.  He implements the company’s principle of being the most responsive shipping and logistics company in the US.  Hence, the company is known for its friendly approach which can be seen not just in dealing with their customers but with their own employees as well.  The company treats each and every one as a family, even though they have a total number of employees that exceeds one thousand.

One of the main principles of Ward Trucking is what they call “obsessive customer service.”  This can be seen in the company’s culture of fast answers, reliable schedules, accuracy of information, and professional service.  The company offers truckload, less than truckload or LTL, brokerage, and logistics services.  It boasts of delivering on-time services and of being the carrier with the least number of claims in the northeast.  Aside from this, they also have their unique Stack Up Pallet System which aids them to gain timely deliveries.

When it comes to technology, the company is also proud to have modern equipment and gadgets that help their customers track their deliveries.  They also have an online tool which helps them track their shipments on an up-to-the-minute setting letting them know just exactly when they will arrive. The company also employs detailed paperwork which provides accurate information as to invoicing and other paperwork making everything very transparent with their customers.  Aside from that, they also employ only the best drivers and personnel for their company ensuring a high-quality service from top to bottom.

Today, Ward Trucking serves more than 10,000 customers each year and had been able to reach more than a hundred million people in the various states in the US and in Puerto Rico.  They have also partnered with other trucking companies such as Wilson Trucking and Southwestern Motor Transport.  The company offers direct LTL in 12 states and short and long haul trucking in five other states – New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.  The company had definitely gone a long way, coming from a one-truck and one customer business, to now having thousands of employees and partnerships around the US.  This success, they attribute to their highly responsive service to their customers, ensuring that they obtain the best and timely services that they could have.

Ward Trucking
Website: http://www.wardtlc.com/
Corporate Headquarters
Ward Tower
1436 Ward Trucking Dr.
PO Box 1553
Altoona, PA 16603
814-944-0803 / 800-458-3625
FAX – 814-944-5470

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