Saia LTL Freight

The Saia LTL Frieght trucking comapny was started by Mr. Louis Saia, Sr. in 1924 using his own family car to deliver fresh produce. Today, the company is one of the largest trucking companies in the US with more than a thousand employees and with a billion dollars in revenue. It has undergone a lot of changes with the various changes of ownership that it has gone through but it has survived with the help of their company principles and their unique culture. The company specializes in less than truckload deliveries and was one of the biggest LTL companies in the US. Saia is part of Roadway Trucking Company.

The Saia Trucking Company has made a lot of acquisitions in the past and it was these acquisitions which helped it to have the widest market coverage in the US. It entered into a merger with a Smalley Transportation which gave it access to south; joined with Jevic Transportation to form another company, the SCST; combines with the Clark Brothers Transportation, Inc. which led to its coverage of the Midwest; and today, they now have a total of 147 terminals that services 34 states in the US and Canada as well. They have also partnered with other trucking companies to address delivery services in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The company offers a wide array of services that specializes in less than truckload shipping. They offer single pup, set, and van services. Through the Saia LTL Freight you will be provided with a high quality and regional approach to deliveries. They cover more than 50,000 zip codes in 34 states and they offer more than 10,000 1- and 2-day lanes. More than 80% of the cargoes that are handled by the company are delivered in less than 2 days and they arrive on-time, 98% of the time. You can expect an efficient next-day delivery if your cargo will only require a distance of 600 miles.

Saia also focuses on their social corporate responsibility to make sure that not only them, but the people who surround them also benefit from their gains. As a proof, the company has been certified by the American Chemistry Council with the Responsible Care Program which is a rigorous process that determines a company’s safe environmental practices in terms of pollution prevention, community awareness, and distribution systems. They have also been ISO certified as to quality management which just shows the high standards that they use in managing their resources and trucking services.

Saia Trucking offers an excellent solution for those who have less than truckload delivery needs. They have more than 140 terminals in 34 states which help to provide a faster delivery to anywhere in the country. The company also has a large capacity which can handle more than 20,000 deliveries each day. Its dedication to their employees as well as to the care of the environment also makes them one of the unique trucking companies in the US that has passed certification from various organizations. You can contact this company through the information indicated below:

Saia LTL Freight Inc.
11465 Johns Creeks Parkway
Suite 400
Johns Creek, GA 30097

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