Roehl Trucking

Roehl Trucking was established in 1962 by Everett Roehl to provide trucking services in the state of Wisconsin. Mr. Roehl saw the need for safe and secured transport services and realized early on that it is not simply delivering that matters for his customers. Instead, he focused on assuring his clients that when they hand him their cargo, they are handing it over to a man that they can trust. Today, the company still uses this principle to conduct their business and it has made them one of the top trucking companies in the US.

Roehl’s emphasis on safety has made them one of the trusted companies providing truckload services in the US. They offer flatbed, dry van, curtainside, and refrigerated trucking services with their guarantee of safe and secured transportation. The company’s drivers are trained not on defensive driving but of protective driving, seeking the safety not only of themselves but of the other drivers and vehicles on the road. This is what distinguishes them from other companies as they recognize that even though their drivers may be the safest on the road, accidents can also happen due to reckless drivers.

The company offers a wide range of trucks and vans that can provide clients with any type of delivery needs. They operate more than 1,500 power units and 4,000 trailers which are all suited for the job. These trucks are all fitted with hi-tech gadgets to make sure that they will be able to deliver on time and with the safest routes possible. Some of the technological aspects of their trucking services include electronic billing, load tracking, EDI capabilities, and optimized routing and modeling. No matter what trucking need you may have, they can always find a good strategy that will suit it.

With their dedication to quality services also comes with conscientious operation. The company is a member of the SmartWay program which seeks to provide more environment-friendly approaches to transportation. The company has established cutting fuel costs by making use of programs that optimizes fuel usage. They have also made use of other waste reduction techniques which they employ at their offices and facilities. To promote their “green” approach to trucking, they have also implemented reward systems for drivers who exhibit the best fuel efficiency performance. Their dedication to SmartWay program, the company was able to prevent emitting more than 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide in 2007.

Roehl trucking started out with a single truck in 1962 but today, they are one of the top 100 largest trucking companies in the US. Their dedication to customer service, safety, and the environment had made them one of the most efficient trucking companies today. They can provide the best trucking services with their more than 4,000 trucks and trailers that are all fitted with the latest technology. The value that the company places on safety also makes them one of the more desirable trucking companies today. You can contact them with the information given below:

Roehl Transport, Inc.
1916 E. 29th St.
PO Box 750
Marshfield, WI 54449
Phone: 800-826-8367

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