Celadon Trucking

Celadon Trucking is one of the top 10 trucking companies in the US which is based in Indiana. The company was established in 1985 and has since progressed to have more than 4,000 employees. They are one of the trucking companies which had been utilized by large and popular manufacturers in the US which attests to their quality and efficient management of their services. With its financial capacity, it was able to expand greatly in the US as well as provide a more complex and diverse service offerings for their market. Their efficient and safe services are used by leading retailers and manufacturers in the US.

The company’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and they employ about 3,000 tractors and more than 8,000 trailers. Celadon employs one of the youngest fleets in the industry in order to maintain a safe and fuel efficient service in the country. The average age of their trucks is 2 years, compared to the more generally accepted 7 years. This means that you can rely on the company’s ability to provide you with a safe and technologically advanced method of transporting cargo. The company has earned the top place for the National Fleet Safety Award for 3 times which proves this company’s ability to deliver their promises.

Another interesting aspect of the company is their association with US EPA SmartWay Tranport System with various accreditation from the TSA and the ACE. SmartWay is the government’s program in ensuring a more environment-friendly approach to transportation. The company had been awarded for 3 consecutive times with the US EPA SmartWay Excellence Award due to their efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and improving fuel efficiency for their trucks. Their dedication to providing services without having to compromise environmental concerns just shows that this company is not only after profits but of taking care of community issues as well.

Celadon Trucking offers several trucking services in the US, Canada, and Mexico. These include long haul, local, regional, and dedicated services. Aside from this, they also own Celadon Logistics Services which offers freight management services, LTL, warehousing, dedicated fleet services, and freight brokerage. They have also partnered with TruckersB2B which is concerned with purchasing tires, fuels, and trucking equipment. The company also provides health services for their employee which can be seen on their on-site medical center where they can receive physical therapy, medical examination, physician services, rehabilitation, and prescription services.

Celadon Trucking definitely deserves being on the top 10 of trucking companies in the US. Their dedication to safe and environment friendly trucks, their dedication to their employee’s health, as well as their employment of young and advanced truck units make them one of the most efficient trucking providers in the country. Their wide array of services ranging from long haul, LTL, and dedicated services to their freight management and fuel purchasing just shows how comprehensive their business had been since 1985. Being one of the most recently established companies in the US, it is definitely a feat that they had been able to achieve this success.

Celadon Corporate Office
Website: http://celadontrucking.com/‎
9503 East 33rd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46235 – 4207

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