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CR England is a family owned and operated trucking company which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is one of the largest trucking companies which are operating in the United State and which specialize in refrigerated transportation.  The company has been operated by family members now for four generations and they have successfully expanded from a single Model T truck delivering farm produce to the market, to owning more than a thousand trucks with over 7,000 employees.

This trucking company offers several types of trucking services to the market.  They offer national or long haul trucking services, dedicated or those which are suited to the specific demands of the customer, intermodal which includes rail services; regional or short haul services in the West, Midwest, Texas, and its surrounding areas.  They also offer trucking services going to and out of Mexico.

Aside from this, they also have England Logistics which is a company subsidiary that offers LTL for temperature controlled delivery services, freight shipping, and domestic trucking services; supply chain management; full service truckloads such as flatbeds and dry vans; global logistics which offers international shipping and freight forwarding; as well as carrier services which include fuel and tire discounts, and factoring solutions.

The company was established by Chester Rodney England who came from a farming family in England.  He settled and had a family in Plain City, Utah and there started trucking services through his Model T truck which transported farm produce to the local market.  When his two sons, have grown, they accompanied him in longer distance deliveries involving bananas and potatoes from Mexico and Utah.  From here they were able to acquire a diesel truck and a mechanical refrigeration unit.

The company is also known to be the first to provide a coast to coast trucking service which only lasted for 72 hours.  In 1957, Robert Gould who was employed as a truck driver in the company made the trip from California to Philadelphia carrying fresh produce.  There came a huge demand for the service which made the company to establish a branch in Philadelphia.  Today, they are now operating a variety of terminals from Salt Lake City, California, New Jersey, Indiana, and Texas.

The company highly values professionalism and safety in their truck drivers, as well as on meeting the demands of their customers.  They aim at providing an efficient and on-time delivery to their customers which is also safe and secure for their drivers.

If you are looking for a truck driving job in this company, then you should apply at their Premier truck driving school.  The company utilizes the school to ensure that their drivers are getting the necessary training that they need.  Training includes classroom hours, on-truck, and over-the-road driving to ensure that their drivers are fully capable before hiring them.  If you are able to pass the training and obtain a license, as well as comply with their hiring requirements, CR England will hire you directly after you finish the training.

CR England
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General Number: (800) 453-8826 or (801) 972-2712
4701 West 2100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84120
Phone: 800.356.5046

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