Prime Trucking

Prime Trucking is one of the largest trucking companies in the US which specializes in tanker, flatbed, and refrigerated carrier services. The company has established its reputation for being one of the most efficient trucking companies in North America and throughout the world. Its focus is in providing the best services in the industry which they seek to accomplish by hiring the most competent employees and in utilizing the latest in trucking technology. With their more than 40 years of experience, they now know just how to address their customer’s demands and to continue being competitive in the market.

This trucking company was established in 1970 by Robert E. Low in Urbana, Missouri. He started using only one dump truck which has now expanded to thousands of trucks and trailers. The company’s vision was to provide the best trucking experience for their customers and they had been able to accomplish this today. The company grew to a $50 million business by 1980 which just indicates just how fast their rise was from the mere single dump truck that Low had started it with.

Beginning the 1980s, the government had issued regulations which affected the operations of the company, reducing the size of the organization. But notwithstanding the situation, they had still been able to provide the best services by focusing their attention more on the quality of their deliveries. Hence, refrigerated trucks became their specialty and which had been one of their most remarkable distinctions in the industry. They tried to hire the most qualified personnel and the best equipment in order to make sure that they are keeping their customer’s satisfaction. This is one of the factors which helped the company to survive and establish their brand of service in trucking services.

Their superior services can be seen in their safe, secure, and timely delivery. This is one of the distinguishing factors of prime which can also be seen even in their associates. Their employees are well known for their high quality service which is further improved by the modern and comfortable facilities that Prime provides. The most notable of which is the Millennium Building which is a 40,000 square foot facility which houses a fitness center, a basketball court, laundry facilities, a convenience store, a theater, a gift shop, and even a child care center to name a few. It also has a modern training center where all of Prime’s truck drivers are taught about CDL.

Prime Trucking offers trucking services on three separate areas – the refrigerated division, tanker division, and their flatbed division. They also operate various terminals which provide the most comfortable amenities for their employees such as a computer lab, hotel rooms, a lounge, a sleep lab, cafés, and a simulator training lab. Their facilities as well as their dedication to providing the most efficient trucks in the industry is perhaps some of the major reasons why this company has been safe, on-time and reliable companies in the US despite the various economic hardships that they have gone through.

Prime Inc.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 4208
Springfield, MO 65808

Physical Address
2740 North Mayfair
Springfield, MO 65803

1-877-774-6356 Driver Recruiting
1-800-321-4552 General Switchboard
1-417-521-3200 Switchboard (Cellular)
1-417-521-6878 General Fax

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