Schneider Trucking

Schneider trucking offers an environment-friendly approach to the trucking industry, creating ways of making their fuel more efficient while cutting down on their carbon footprint.  The company was established in 1935 and has continued to grow and expand their services ever since.  They are known for their bright orange trucks which provide delivery services to North America with a safe and efficient strategy.  They also own Schneider Logistics which offers additional trucking services to their customers in the said area.

The main mission of the company as stated on their website is to provide safe and courteous associates that offer a superior experience for their customers.  This they wish to achieve by treating their customers, associates, and suppliers with great integrity.  They also wish to establish lasting and beneficial relationships with their community.  They also aim at providing safe, innovative, and excellent services that will be of superior quality in the trucking industry.

The vision of the company is to deliver goods and services for the betterment of people everywhere.  This is a very unique one and this they aim to accomplish through their various services which include long haul, expedited, bulk, energy transportation services, regional, and dedicated trucking services.  They also have intermodal services which include bulk, regional, and transcontinental services.  Schneider Logistics on the other hand, specializes in port logistics such as warehousing, transloading, distribution, etc.; brokerage or transportation managements; and supply chain management.

Schneider Trucking was first established on 1935 by Al Schneider in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It all started when he decided to buy a truck and offer trucking services in his area.  In 1976, the company was headed by his son, Don Schneider, who led the company as its president for 27 years.   Today, the company is serving several countries including China, Mexico, Canada, and the US.  They own a total of 8 million square feet of warehouse facilities and they have also partnered with more than ten thousand transportation companies as well.

With the company’s commitment to improve living standards anywhere they go, they have partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport to provide trucking services with reduced greenhouse emissions, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced carbon footprint.  This is to ensure that whatever they try to achieve in the present will not have a negative effect for future generations. All of the branches of the company (truckload, intermodal, and logistics) are members of the Smartway Transport.

Schneider trucking is now a $3.5 billion company which has served a lot of companies which are featured in the Fortune 500.  With their more than 70 years of trucking experience, they are able to provide safe and efficient trucking services to the US and other countries.  Their key services include a private feet of trucks, international transportation, and time-critical delivery which all made them a trusted entity in the industry.  They also have the necessary structure and technology in their more than 30,000 trucks and trailers which makes them one of the safest to operated trucks on the United States.

Schneider Trucking
3101 S. Packerland Dr.
Green Bay, WI 54306
Phone:    920-592-2000
Fax:    920-592-3063

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