Holland Trucking

Holland Trucking is a family-owned trucking company which specializes in refrigerated trucking. They have more than 30 years of experience providing professional and efficient trucking services not only in the state of Dakota but in whole country. They provide services in the West Coast, the Midwest, and in the East. If you are looking for a trucking company which makes use of the latest model trucks and which can provide with nice incentives near the state of Dakota, then this is the company for you. The company offers a professional approach even when hiring their drivers and you can be assured that you will get the best deal for their services.

The company had been operating for more than 30 years now and is based in Fargo, North Dakota. Being family owned, the company offers personalized services in the trucking industry. They operate more than 300 tractors and 400 refrigerated trailers to meet the local and interstate demands for temperature-controlled transportation needs in the US. The company also employs only the best when it comes to their services. This can be seen in their late-model fleets which are composed of Cascadia Condos and the Air Ride Great Dane, which are considered to be one of the best trucks in the industry.

Holland Trucking’s trucks are also equipped with the latest technology to allow for a more seamless delivery of their services. Their trucks have Qualcomm communications, XM Radio, APUs, and ELOG. This way, they are able to track the progress of the shipment minute by minute. It also allows them to communicate with their driver which is an important aspect in the transportation industry. Their StarTraks Mobile and their various monitoring programs allow them to see fuel levels, location, temperature, and other info regarding the truck.

Since they specialize in refrigerated transport, most the company’s clients are those that are involved with food products. Some of the products that they transport involve frozen fruits and vegetables, processed foods, and ice creams. Although they are based in North Dakota, the company provides delivery services to all the states in the US especially in Texas, the Mid Atlantic, West Coast, the Pacific Northwest, and in Midwest. They also provide their services for those who are looking for occasional or regular shipping needs. They make of specialized routes and long hauls in order to maximize utility for their deliveries.

Holland trucking offers excellent services for those who are looking for refrigerated transport. With their latest model trucks and hi-tech gadgets, you can be assured that you will be sending and receiving shipments on-time and in the most secured way possible. They are also open for those who are looking for a truck driving career. They offer great benefits such as performance increases every 6 months, purchase plans for those who want to buy trucks, and payments for those who stay with the company for a year of continuous service. You can contact them at the information below.

Contact Information:
Holland Enterprises, Inc.
500 Carl Olsen St.
Mapleton, ND 58059
Phone: 800-800-2635

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