Gordon Trucking

Gordon trucking is one of the safest and most innovative trucking companies in the United States. They offer a total of more than 2,000 trucks to deliver a wide range of transportation services including long haul and temperature controlled trucks. They have also partnered with other trucking establishments to provide a more comprehensive network of trucking services in Northern America. Their reliability is also due to the fact that they offer a customer-focused service that emphasizes on quality delivery. The company also offers dedicated fleets and on-site transportation management which adds to the value of their overall services.

The company is also known for its application of new technologies in their trucking services and has become one of their distinguishing marks in the industry. Not only do they employ these technologies, they also help develop them as well. This helps them to provide a more efficient delivery and tracking system for their clients. They also help provide a safer transport of commodities which has been recognized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety Measurement System. You can verify this by visiting the Administration’s website and by comparing track records with other trucking companies in the United States.

Gordon trucking was first established as the Gordon Fast Freight and was owned by Jay Gordon. It started operations in 1946 and included two service trucks which Mr. Gordon used to deliver beer from Lucky Lager Brewery from Vancouver to Tacoma in Washington. From here, they were able to expand their services to Eastern Washington and then Oregon. In 1984, Mr. Gordon sold the company to his son Larry and renamed it as Gordon Trucking Inc. Larry was able to introduce a number of innovations in the trucking industry including the 114-inch cube sets and the use of Qualcomm Communications technology for real-time tracking of shipments.

Today, the trucking company offers a variety of trucking services in the US including temperature-controlled fleets, heavy haul division and specialized equipment solutions. Aside from that, they also offer the usual local, regional, and long-haul trucking services for their customers. For specialized needs, they offer direct store delivery, transportation management, and on-site logistics solutions. Together with their goal of providing safe and efficient trucking services, they also contribute towards environment-friendly causes. They also have an active participation in activities that aims toward social and economic sustainability. Today, they are now the leading company when it comes to these social corporate activities.

From its humble beginnings in 1946, Gordon trucking has now become one of the best trucking companies in the United States. The company’s goals of establishing meaningful relationships with their clients through safe and efficient trucking services that not only focuses on profits but in social and environmental responsibility helps make them one of the most successful trucking companies in the US. To make that possible, they employ the best fleets, employees, and technology to help provide an efficient trucking delivery service that is not only safe but good for the environment as well.

Gordon Trucking Inc.
151 Stewart Road S.W.
Pacific, Washington 98047
Phone 800.426.8486
Fax 253.863.5328

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