Melton Truck Lines

Melton Truck Lines offers one of the best flatbed trucking services in the United States. Started in 1954, the company has accommodated the growing needs of modern trucking services and has employed only the latest truck models and technology in order to help aid their deliveries. This trucking company has several branches in the US, in Canada, and even in Mexico bringing with them their expertise in international border crossing. This, together with their other high quality services, makes Melton one of the best trucking companies operating in the US today.

This trucking company is known for having blue trucks in the industry. But aside from that distinction, they also offer high quality services through safe and efficient deliveries. They employ only the best and highly skilled truck drivers as well as the latest technology in internet and satellite communications. It allows their clients to keep track of their shipments and make sure that they will arrive safe to their customers. The company uses the most stringent screening for applicants and they also require their drivers to attend an intensive safe driving and securement training program. This training also occurs in a continuous process in their terminals.

Although Melton Trucking Lines is not family owned and operated, its corporate culture exhibits one due to its roots. Established in 1954 by Bert and Gladys Melton, the couple started a company culture which incorporated family values that exists until today. It is unfortunate however that Bert suddenly passed away in 1957 and the company had to be sold to William Duncan McRae who chose to retain the name of the company in Bert’s honor. This small company in Arkansas was initially made up of husband and wife teams which helped strengthen its close-knit company atmosphere.

Today, the company is now serving 48 states in the US and also in Canada and Mexico. In 1980, they are the first company to achieve through-trailer crossing in Mexico and until now, they are still the best in this type of delivery. There are a total of more than 300 trailers which specially serve the area of Mexico. They have acquired operating authority beyond these borders and they effectively provide more than 10,000 crossings each year. To further enhance their services, they offer bilingual services in the areas that they serve. They have also partnered with Mexican carriers to help provide a more efficient and local approach to their business.

Melton Truck Lines has now been operating for more than 50 years and their continual existence in the industry just shows how efficient they had been in the trucking business. They offer hi-tech delivery services together with Qualcomm technology that allows clients to track their shipments in real time. They are the best when it comes to flatbed trucking services and they have offices in various areas in the US as well as in Mexico and Canada. They have more than a thousand trucks and about two thousand trailers which they offer for their various clients.

Melton Truck Lines
Corporate Offices and Terminal
808 N. 161st E. Ave,
Tulsa, OK 74116

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