ATS Trucking

ATS trucking is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States providing global transport services with a unique approach. The company is well-known for their safe and specialized services that include handling non-conventional shipments. Established in 1955, Anderson Trucking Services or ATS has now become one of the leading trucking companies in the US. The passion and the drive of the company is what distinguish them from other companies. Aside from that, they also have a unique set of values that they follow from the bottom level of the company to the top.

ATS was founded on 1955 as an answer to the shipping demands or various companies in the US. Harold Anderson realized that there is a demand for a trucking company that can provide both national and international shipping services. Aside from that, he also added the human factor of relationships when it comes to providing services. He then offered quality services that not only focused on the delivery of shipments, but on how they are delivered as well. Mr. Anderson also recognized the fact that different clients would need different approaches to transportation and he also sought to address that, too.

There are several factors that are unique to ATS trucking when it comes to handling trucking services. The first is that they provide a personal approach when making a strategy with regards to a particular shipping need. They also offer a wide array of trucks that can meet different types and sizes of loads. You can select from step-deck trailers, multi-axles, crane vans, and flatbeds to suit your shipping need. They also offer international trucking services that spans from Albania to Zimbabwe. They also take care of the permits that are needed for larger types of shipments. Lastly, they employ the latest technology to help improve their transportation services.

What this company can offer you is the ability to handle almost any type of transportation need that you may have for a particular shipment. They offer their more than 60 years of trucking experience to let you have the best shipping services in the market. They also have everything when it comes to needed equipment and they can even offer airlifting if that is what the cargo needs. You will also not be confused with who you need to contact as they assign representatives for each of their customers. Lastly, their services are attested to by the thousands of safe and secure deliveries that they have performed throughout the years.

ATS Trucking can be said to be one of the unique trucking companies in the US as they specialize in large or overweight shipments. They are able to do this due to their wide experience in dealing with various heavy haul jobs that involved oil and gas production, aerospace equipment, wind turbines and blades, as well as construction and agricultural equipment. The company has more than 700,000 trucks and 40,000 carriers which assure you that they will never run out of available truck for any shipping need.

Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
725 Opportunity Dr.
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: +1-320-255-7400

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