Conway Trucking

Conway Trucking was named as the “Most Admired Company” in the field of logistics and transportation in 2007 which states just what kind of a trucking company they are. The company has several divisions which handle the various aspects of their trucking business. They are the Con-way Truckload, the Con-way Freight, and Menlo Worldwide Logistics. Through these divisions, the company offers local and international LTL, logistics and supply chain management, warehousing, and freight transportation across the United States and internationally. Today, Conway is available in five continents and in more than 400 locations across the US.

Conway Trucking was first established in 1929 by Leland James in Portland, Oregon. It was initially named as Consolidates Truck Lines and was changed to Consolidated Freightways later on. In 1983, it eventually changed to Con-way where the company offered regional short-haul trucking services to the public. It had the Conway Central Express, the Conway Easter Express, and the Conway Western Express. Further improvements occurred along the way with the founding of Menlo Logistics and the Con-way Truckload services. The latter handled the long haul and transcontinental services of the company. They were also able to expand to Asia by the year of 2007 which was based in Singapore.

Today, the company provides several trucking services in the US and in its international market that includes local, regional, and transcontinental LTL services; logistics services through Menlo Logistics that provides transportation management, warehousing, and also offers supply chain solutions; lastly, they also offer full truckload services which they offer in the US, Canada, and in Mexico. The company operates on a total of 20 countries across the globe and they employ more than 28,000 personnel in their business making them one of the largest trucking businesses in the United States.

Aside from their commercial services, Conway is also active in their corporate social responsibility. This company offers scholarship programs and support to families of their employees who serve in the military. They are also active participants in the federal government’s SmartWay program which seeks environment-friendly transportation solutions. They are also one of the leading businesses in the country that helps create employment for a lot of people. This they are able to achieve while still providing their shareholders with sufficient returns for their investments. As a result, they are able to enrich a lot of lives through their company and have been an important entity for many.

Today, Conway trucking is the leader in the field of trucking services with their combined expertise and large capital which amounts to more than $5 billion. They operate through several divisions – the Conway Freight which provides regional, inter-regional, and national LTL services; the Conway Truckload which provides high quality flatbed and dry van truckload services; and Menlo Worldwide Logistics that provides transportation management and logistics services across the globe. Employing more than 20,000 personnel and the latest in technology and environment-friendly approaches to trucking services, it is no wonder that this company had become the leading company in the industry. The Conway brand is part of the Roadway trucking company.

Con-way Inc.
2211 Old Earhart Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Telephone: 1-734-757-1444
Fax: 1-734-757-1158

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