May Trucking Company

May Trucking is one of the most successful freight transportation companies in the US with more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Started in 1945, May Trucking Company first delivered sacks of cement to construction sites in Idaho. Today, they have expanded to several states and also employ a lot of tractors to meet the demands in these areas. Their safety and efficiency in truck driving is also attested to by the various awards that they have received. To ensure that they provide quality services to their customers, the company only employs the best personnel and truck drivers who pass their high standards.

May Trucking offer a variety of delivery services to the public and they include temperature-controlled and dry van services. They also offer advance planning, engineered fleet adjustment, brokerage and appointment making for their customers. Aside from that, they also offer additional services such as real-time internet shipment tracking, paperless imaging system, 24-hour on-line proof of delivery update services, and other specialized services. They also employ monthly or weekly service reports, onsite dispatch with electronic communication, and cargo protection service. They make use of the Qualcomm Satellite System to feed real-time tracking information to their load tracking services.

The company is also actively supporting environmental projects of the government by becoming a member of the SmartWay Transport Partners. To help preserve the environment, May Trucking makes use of recycling projects to help conserve materials. They have fluid recycling, component recycling, and post-consumer waste recycling as well. They have also employed systems that will help them with emission reduction and idle reduction. As to their trucks, they make use of aerodynamics; low resistance tires, bio-fuels, and energy efficient equipment to help cut down reduce the consumption of the materials used for these processes.
The company seeks to reduce the negative impact of the trucking industry to the environment by seeking out ways that will make use of renewable sources. They have received the California Air Resources Board Certification of Clean Idle Trucks which just shows their dedication to the preservation of the environment.

They also have participated in various tree-planting activities as a part of their commitment to environmental stewardship. But aside from the environment, they are also members of organizations that seek to help social problems as well such as soup kitchens, child centers, and other charity foundations.

From their simple beginnings in Idaho, May Trucking now has several other operating centers in Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, and Tennessee. Having more than 60 years of experience in the trucking business, they are now a more capable trucking company as well with more than 900 tractors in their terminals and with the safest and most environmental friendly equipment as well. Their exceptional service has led to the development of special license plates which helps to distinguish them from other trucking companies. Government agencies have also recognized this company as having some of the safest and most professional truck drivers in the industry.

May Trucking Company
4185 Brookelake Rd. NE
Salem, OR 97303
Phone: 1-800-547-9169

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