Wilson Trucking

Wilson trucking offers full service cargo transportation that is focused on less than truckload or LTL services. They provide a wide network of terminals located in the Southern Atlantic region of the US which allows them to provide time-critical deliveries with great efficiency. The company was established in 1926 and since then had become one of the major trucking businesses in the US. Today, they are now also offering their Worldwide Services which provides international shipping services.

Wilson Trucking was founded by C.G. Wilson using a Model T pick-up truck to deliver produce from the Wilson farm to the market. He saw the need for a fast and reliable cargo transportation service and extended his delivery services to the other farmers in his community. The business was then continued by his son up to the 1990s. Today, the company is being led by 3rd generation Wilsons that provide the services that their grandfather had envisioned.

The company’s established mission is to provide a an ethical and profitable operation; to lead the trucking industry in terms of progress, services, and methods; to build public trust and friendly relations with their customers; to provide employment opportunities; and to conduct their business in a way that will meet their civic and economic responsibilities. These principles are what makes this company quite unique in their aim for providing efficient services for their market.

The company offers various transportation services such as LTL, International importing and exporting services, private fleet management, and container handling. They can offer a next day delivery due to their large network of trucking terminals which are located in the Southeastern areas of the US as well as in Washington DC. They can offer you with expedited shipping especially if you have time-critical products such as fresh produce. This they can do within a 500 to 600 mile radius and you can also rely on their loss and damage prevention programs to give you an efficient and safe delivery.

With their goals of becoming a leader in the trucking industry, Wilson trucking also uses the latest in technological advancements for cargo transportation. They make sure that all of their employees receive excellent training so people can rely on an efficient and customer focused service. They also employ tools that help them track the progress of their deliveries such as shipment tracing, serving terminal inquiry, download rate program, points of coverage, partnership network, terminal listing, and Zip to Zip transit times. Their service center also offers purchase management, reduced logistics costs, and global supply chain solutions.

The success that Wilson Trucking has established in the trucking industry can also be measured with their financial stability. The company had successfully operated for more than 8 decades which provides a testament to how efficient they are able to manage their business. This is also attested to with their ownership of the various terminals and trucking fleet that they utilize. Their dedicated and efficient staff also helps to make them one of the most trusted trucking services in the US.

Wilson Trucking Corporation
Website: www.wilsontrucking.com
P. O. Box 200
Fishersville, VA 22939-0200
Tel: 540-949-3200
Fax: 540-949-3298
Email: hr@wilsontrucking.com

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