Commercial Drivers License in Montana

A commercial driver’s license in Montana allows you to drive commercial trucks and vehicles either intrastate or interstate.  You will have to meet the state and federal requirements in order to gain a CDL.  Usually, it  takes several months in order to finish the whole process of acquiring a license as it includes actual truck driving practice aside from passing a knowledge test.  A current driver’s licenses as well as a clean driving record are also of utmost importance when applying  for one.

The state of Montana requires CDL applicants to be at least 18 years old upon application.  They are however, allowed only to drive within the state and would need to wait until they are 21 in order to gain an interstate truck driving license.  The state also allows for online scheduling of appointments for driving tests and of mail-in applications for Montana residents who are currently outside of the United States and for those who live in rural areas where there are no full-service driver license offices.  By visiting the state’s website, you will be provided with a link where you can submit your application online.

The requirements that you have to prepare for your application is a filled-out application form, identification cards, social security number, a DOT medical certification, and proof of legal residence or of US citizenship.  The DOT medical certification can be accomplished by visiting a state-accredited physician or other medical professional.  They have the certification forms and they are also the only ones who can medically certify whether you are road-worthy or not.  Aside from this, you will also have to undergo an eye exam and you should meet the vision requirement of 20/40.  If you are applying for a hazmat endorsement, you also have to present your criminal background check from the TSA.

Once you have submitted these requirements and have paid the necessary fees, you will be given a permit which is valid for a few months.  During this period, you will be allowed to practice driving a commercial vehicle with which you are applying for.  Learn all aspects of truck driving during this period in order to pass the driving skills test. You can also study the CDL Manual which is available in any local driver’s license office.  The manual contains the actual areas where you will be tested on during the driving test.

One of the unique aspects of commercial drivers license in Montana is the varying fees and the length of license validity for different ages.  The ages of 18, 19, 20, and 21 to 70 years old have different amounts and expiration dates. There are also different fees for an intrastate and an interstate license. An intrastate commercial truck driving license costs only $8.50 per year while an interstate license is $10 per year.  The license is mailed to the passing applicant and there is also a mailing fee charged for it.  You can visit your local driver’s license office if you want to learn more about additional endorsements for your CDL.

For further details about getting a truck driving license in Montana you can contact:

Motor Vehicle Division
Montana Department of Justice
302 N. Roberts
P.O. Box 201430
Helena, MT 59620-1430Website: https://doj.mt.gov/driving/commercial-driver-licensing/
Customer Care Phone Support: 1-866-450-8034

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