CDL in Florida

A  commercial drivers license or CDL in Florida has several requirements for its acquisition.  One has to possess the required skills and knowledge as well as the physical capabilities in order for the state to grant you this license.  Although the federal government is not the one who provides the rules for getting a truck driving license, they do have some regulations when it comes to qualifications.  With the past occurrences of terrorism in the US, the country had implemented some newer and stricter rules for the issuance of such licenses.

To apply for a CDL in Florida, the first thing that you have to possess is the appropriate age level.  You should be at least 18 or 21 years old at the time of the application.  If you already have a license from another state and are planning to transfer your residence to Florida, you will have to apply for reciprocity from the local DMV office.  You will have to provide proof of your residence and to surrender your current driver’s license as well.  Those who are 18 years of age will be eligible for driving CMV inside the state only while those of 21 years of age are eligible for interstate driving.

The next thing that you have to comply with is the DOT medical certification and the visual certification.  The state has certain rules for those who require glasses or contact lenses for a clearer vision and those who have lost the sight of one eye.  The minimum visual requirement is 20/40 and you can either be denied or limited if you have a seeing impairment that can be corrected with the use of eyeglasses. You have to be physically fit as well which is why a medical certification is needed every two years.  You have to carry these certifications with you whenever you are driving a CMV.

Once you have these requirements, you can now apply to take the written tests to acquire a CDL permit.  You should bring at least 2 valid IDs, your social security number or card, birth certificate, proof of residence, as well as your current driver’s license when you apply for the test.  You should also be ready with at least $75 when you apply for the exam. You may also need a TSA criminal background check if you will be driving a CMV that needs a Hazardous Materials endorsement.  The written test covers a lot of road signs and basic driving knowledge so you will have to study the Florida CDL Manual before taking the test.

If you are able to pass the written test, you will then be provided with a commercial truck drivers permit which is valid for a few months.  Make sure that you acquire sufficient training in driving CMV during the whole period that you are granted a permit in order to pass the required road test in Florida. A CDL in Florida is valid for several years but you have to renew your medical certification every 2 years and your Hazmat endorsement every 4 years.

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Florida Commercial Drivers License
Website for FL State Offices: http://www.dmvflorida.org/dmv-offices.shtml
Customer Service Center – (850) 617-2000
DHSMV Official Web Site – www.flhsmv.gov

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