Getting a CDL in Arkansas

Getting a CDL in Arkansas is important if you will be employed as a commercial driver in the state.  Commercial vehicles are those whose gross vehicular weight rating is more than 26,000 pounds or is a commercial passenger carrier with at least a 15-person capacity including the driver.  You will need to pass the state’s requirements if you wish to acquire your license in the shortest possible period.  Undergoing training is not required as long as you can pass the states written and road tests for commercial driving.

The first step towards gaining your CDL is to know what the state requires for those who will be driving commercial vehicles on the road.  You can do this by reading the Arkansas CDL Manual which is available online.  The manual contains all the necessary information that you will need to pass the written and skills test.  You may need some additional sources however if you want a more thorough understanding of the parts of the vehicle as well as of maneuvering and maintaining it.  You will learn about driving skills, traffic rules and signage, as well as safety measures that you can do in different circumstances.

To apply for the written tests in Arkansas, you have to bring with you 2 or more copies of IDs, a marriage license, tax return, or a school ID. You should also pass the state physical and visual exams to determine your capability of driving safely on the road.  You also need to complete an application form which you may need to request from the DMV office they are not available for online download.  It is important to have a clean driving record and to have good comprehension skills for road signs.

There are different types of trucking licenses in the state of Arkansas.  They have the Class A, Class B, and Class C commercial vehicles.  They also have different types of endorsements for those who will be driving Double/Triple Trailers, Passenger, Tank Vehicle, Hazardous Materials, and School Buses.  If you will be driving interstate, you will have to be at least 21 years old and should also be in a good state of health and visual acuity.  You need to pass the written tests first before you can be allowed to take the road test which requires actual driving on different types of road situations.

The process to getting a CDL in Arkansas can be a long one.  But if you can complete the requirements early on, you will have a shorter waiting period for the license.  To get started fill out the application form and present the necessary IDs that will be required for your written test.  You will have at least 6 months to take the road test after you pass the written exam.  Make sure to read the Arkansas Commercial Driver’s License Manual before taking any of these tests to assure a passing rate.  There are walk-in test centers around Arkansas that you can go to, to take the written tests and you can also request for interpreters if you need them.

To learn more about the current truck driving schools in AR, visit this page. You can locate the nearest DMV offices through this link: http://www.dmv.org/ar-arkansas/apply-cdl.php

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