Company Sponsored CDL training

There are certain advantages when you apply for a company sponsored CDL training which you will not be able to get if you enroll in a regular truck driver training program. Aside from the fact that you are getting your training for free, you also get instant access to employment if you turn out to be a good student. However, there are also some downsides to this program. You will not be able to get out of a contract where you will be required to work for them for a prescribed period and you may also be getting lesser pay if you apply with the wrong company.

Company sponsored CDL training is a very attractive offer for most who cannot afford to immediately pay for their training. It is also a good option for those who don’t have a job and can’t find any other type of work especially since most of the high paying jobs today require some degree of college education and certain technical skills. In this program, trucking companies or agencies that they are affiliated with offer people with the opportunity to learn how to drive a truck without having to pay anything. Hence, it becomes a very attractive offer for many.

There are basically two types of this type of training: one is where trucking companies will require you to pass some of the company’s standards first before you can get accepted to the program and the other is where there is no such process but you will be required to work no matter what. Some people end up being dissatisfied with company sponsored CDL training since they eventually find out that they cannot enroll because they are lacking some requirements; others, due to the fact that they will be required to train/work but having little or no pay at all.

Those who are able to pass through the rigorous standards will be allowed to train for some time, usually a few weeks since these companies are always looking for new employees due to a high turnover. It may not be safe to say that you will be able to learn everything that you need to know with such a limited period but if the company lets you drive for most of that duration, and then you may have probably grasped the basics of the program. But if you enroll in a bad program, chances are you will only be getting little training and be expected to deliver within a matter of weeks.

It is not easy to tell which company sponsored CDL training will be able to give you the best type of training in the field. These cases will vary from one program to another and there are also instances when program directors are the problem and not the company themselves. The advantages however, are there: you get free training with free board and lodging depending on the company sponsoring the program and it also gives you a clear shot of landing a job as a truck driver. Some of the most popular paid apprenticeship programs for truck driver’s are provided by the following trucking companies: CR England, CRST, Swift, and Prime.

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