Tennessee CDL

A  Tennessee CDL (commercial driver’s license) will let you engage in commercial truck driving either within the state or interstate and it is required to be able to work in this type of job. It is a requirement that places several qualifications in its applicants that they should pass in order to have this license. The state and federal governments have issued new regulations in truck driving in order to make sure that the roads are safe and commercial trucks are handled by qualified individuals.

The first and perhaps the most basic requirement is your age: you should be at least 18 years old in order to apply for a Tennessee truck driving license. Applicants who are 18 years old will only be issued an intrastate license, while those who are 21 years and above will be allowed to apply for an interstate license. It is important to note that those involved in military, farm, or personal truck driving is not included in this requirement. This is only for those who will be engaged in commercial truck driving.

Next, you should study the Tennessee CDL Manual carefully so you can easily pass the written and skills test which shall be conducted later on. You can secure a copy of this manual at your local driver licensing office together with your application form. It is important to read this material thoroughly as this contains all the necessary information that you would need for your tests. Most of the questions and items on these tests will be derived directly from the manual. You must have read the manual even before you apply for the written test where you will also be given a learner’s permit if you pass.

Some of the important documents that you would need to submit together with your CDL application are the following: your driver’s license either from Tennessee or from another state, copies and the originals of valid IDs, proof of residency in Tennessee, proof of legal residence in the United States, your completed DOT form, results of your vision test, self-certification for the type of truck driving that you will be engaging in, and your completed application form. You may also be required to show the insurance for the truck that you will be driving in some cases. Once you have submitted these requirements, you can now schedule for your written test.

The written test involves a general type of exam and passing it will give you your learner’s permit. This permit is valid for a few months and will allow you to handle a truck as long as you have a licensed individual with you in the truck. When you think that you are ready to take your skills test, you can visit your local DMV office to schedule for your test. The skills test will cover pre-trip inspection, basic driving skills, and road test and you will have to pass all of these tests at the same time in order to get your Tennessee truck driving license.

One can find truck driving schools in TN that will teach the basic skills to driving a semi-truck. Classes will typically last several weeks and provide time behind the wheel as well as knowledge based training. Many schools have arrangements with trucking companies to help their graduates with job placement. To learn more about CDL requirements you can read the driver’s manual listed below.

Schedule a Commercial Driver License Road Skills Test in Tennessee
Phone: 615-251-5217
Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Monday through Friday.
Website: TN Department of Safety
TN Commercial Driver’s License Manual
Physical location: 1150 Foster Ave.
Nashville, TN 37243

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