JB Hunt Truck Driving School

JB Hunt is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States which owns about 70,000 trucks on their 40 locations around the US.  With their long experience and modern facilities, the company offers one of the best truck driving training programs that one can go to.  The company has partnered with several of the major companies in the US including HP, Dell, and Whirlpool which shows just how stable and reliable the company is.  If you wish to finish a truck driving program which shall be nationally recognized as being one of a higher standard, then enrolling yourself at the truck driving program of JB Hunt would be one of the best steps to take.

One of the advantages of taking your truck driver training at JB Hunt is that they provide one of the most up-to-date equipments and facilities on their training.  A lot of the trucks that they use for the training are usually only a few years old and makes use of the latest models of diesel engines.  They usually do not keep a lot of old models on their training sites as they believe that it is better for the student to train on the kind of trucks that will most likely be using once they become employed. The company also offers their training in different sites across the United States which provides one with an opportunity to take the training on an area nearer to his hometown.

The company offers both Class A and Class B truck driving on their facilities.  The program usually lasts for a few weeks and this includes both the classroom training as well as actual driving sessions.  You can take either a full-time or part-time class which can make your training last a lot longer.  The company offers a special training contract to those who will be taking the National Guard training.  Hence, those who are in the military are given special attention in JB Hunt and are given various opportunities for employment in the truck driving business.  They can also offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford to take the training on their own financial capacity.

Truck driver training in JB Hunt also focuses on the truck driver’s work ethic as well as well-being.  Hence, you do not only learn about the technical aspect of truck driving, you also learn about legal issues regarding truck driving, work ethics, how to deal with consumers directly, and safety along the road.  The company does not send their drivers on the road without a sufficient knowledge of what they can meet on their work as well as how to handle different circumstances on the road.

The company offers an initial pay of $.37 per mile rate on newly hired drivers which can increase during the course of the employment.  You can also enjoy free prescription glasses, dental coverage, free health coaching, home and auto insurance, health care reimbursement, discounts with several companies, and of course the chance to be trained using the best state-of the-art equipment and technology. You can learn more about their driving opportunities by visiting their website.

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  1. Hi
    I am writting because I am interested in CDL training..I am currently over seas working on US ARMY post in Vilseck Germany ..my address CMR 411 box 3812 APO, AE 09112..I am planning to return by mid summer and which to entire a trucking school imediately upon returning..can you send me more on your programs

  2. I have my CDL have been driving local since 1998 I want to become an otr truck driver but I can’t seem to find a company that will hire me any ideas out there

  3. I don’t have a CDL but would like to earn one. I don’t have money (& credit is probabaly too bad for financing) for a truck driving school. Do you, or anyone, offer any type of “contract” training that can be paid back after I start driving?

  4. Im have my CDL Permit already in Wisconsin. I need to pass the DOT road test. CDL Test truck in Allan TX can get me into a CDL in a short time. My permit will transfer according to the Texas DMV people I checked with. The only thing holding me back is I will only have several employment options.
    1) Work for the Rail Road
    2) Work for the energy companies in the oil fields

    Both of these require you to hold a CDL but not to drive.

    They also restrict me to Auto Transmission units

    If you can assist me in completing my CDL process We need to talk. This must be done in less than 10 days from today

  5. I want to get information on the j b hunt driver training school. If anyone from the company can help me out with this information my email address is in this posting. Thank you

  6. Hello my name is Latisha I have my CDL Class A but no experience with semi the only truck I have experience with IS a straight truck OTR two weeks with FedEx custom critical I live in Houston Texas would like to drive local, I was wondering if you guys had an option of paying for school if I work with you for a year

  7. Hi my name is coty I was reading your website and I’ve always been interesting getting my cdls but never really had the money to take the classes I was wondering if you guys have a program that would let me take the classes through you and work for you after I get my cdls and pay off the loans that way if you get a chance please contact me at 5747760668

  8. Please help me out I need a job and would like to take the cdl class and can’t afford it. Please let me no ASAP.

  9. I have been incarcerated for several years on some violent charges. Will my criminal history prevent me from taking advantage of this program?

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